One shot

Under duress, silky dress, and dinner jacket, what could go south?

People got their tie and shoes matched. Gentlemen prepared the carriage, the music, and without delay, a menu. Ladies get themselves confused because of so many dressings they could take. Everything was taken into account for a mere second of confession.

One sat here and there waiting for the big moment. Other people stood tall wit their head steady looking at entrance gate. Some people might be given one of lifetime chance to take the bloody shot. A single bullet containing several years of burden, maybe, was on the chamber and ready to be released.

One stood under shade of a tree whilst listening the sound of solemn voice from within the chapel. Because of what? Waiting and dreaming about the day, was it worth the time? What would be the motive of all? The ground was shaking and his feet could barely maintain balance he sought. Take a deep breath, again and again, he did. Steady was his aim. One fire and everything changed into dust.


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