Make a stand

Consider this; consider this, the wheel of the century; consider things that brought you to your knees, I said too much. Too many reasons of failures that brought hell upon this mind. A hell that return the might of ones shoulder into oblivion and brought the bearer to their knees?

Consider this: what is on our hand might seem light and worthless while others are holding something more shiny and prestigious. One thing might trouble the holder if what they have is what they deserve. Would you be able to carry the same fate? Between destiny, we watch different point of standing and view. Feet and eyes are not always together. They unite and part at the same time. Minds are even more agile and wandering.

When what is our hand is too heavy, our legs begin to suffer. Eventually, we are on our knees and pray. Would this solve our mediocre problems? Or simply leaving some behind might be in order?

Consider this; consider what might bring us to the depth of dead rock and what not; consider what might burden our head, arms, and legs and what might be worth the suffering; consider what would make us standing; People might find that won’t be easy but I think he other way won’t be just the opposite. It is just a matter of perspective and sometimes switching between one and another might work better.



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