After lunch, aftermath

What would you do today?

Something about you is changing and yet you are becoming even harder to adapt. Your brain becomes more crowded than ever. I wonder what you are thinking now.

If everything happens for a reason, what would be the motive? Even when you are writing a passage, your mind wanders. In this instant lunch and aftermath, you have started a blaze inside you. You are drawing from your anger, fear, and sadness. You call upon a nimble strength and a risky potential. You raise a sword against people.

I could sense your cry for help which you never shout. Why? Is it also inhuman, even for your standard, to call a friend? I saw you at many crossroads and now you are tired of being at every path at the same time. I wonder where your clones would be if whom I am facing here is the real one.

I offer you a truce between life and wonders above. You may take your pick. This time you are lucky for being saved and sound but at another aftermath, I won’t be so sure. I give your swords back and stop that bleeding. You can’t see another day if you are out of blood, can you? Oh, and one more thing, how come have you only brought a pair of long swords with attachable hilt? Have you no need for a shield of something?

This lunch is on me. I wish very best to you. Have a nice day.


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