To the wonder

It’s already decided then, departing to northern continent, one said. From the highest point of view of terminal, he waved his hand.

“Bon voyage.”

I would gaze and begin to wonder how and why. My feet stand fast and my eyes blurred again. I believe my eye glasses have reached their replacement time. Soon, enough I will.

“Bonjour, Monsieur. Je peux vous aider?”

He might need a thought a bit. He took his choice and paid the price and then he walked out from the store with greeting from shopkeeper. His phone rang in silent, vibrating in his pocket. What would this be? He said. He went to the tower appointed by his message. Crossing some public spaces and gardens, He was sure his contact would meet him there. He stopped by the sidewalk and walked straight to station. Next train to destination would depart in 15 minutes.


Saarbrucken, s’il vous plait.

He sat and looked at his watch. His limited knowledge was burdening himself alone. I need to take more lesson of this. He thought. He didn’t come to the tower and went off again. His phone rang again and right now it wasn’t a message and he should answer honestly.

Yes, I couldn’t. Sorry, maybe another time. I’m on a train to Saarbrucken. Oh, really? Yeah, I’ll be glad to. Meet you later.”

As usual, he finished his call in instant and now he gazed to green plains and several small forests occasionally. Winter was coming and his cold hadn’t been over. Music didn’t give any comfort. He chose this. Several minutes to destination, said his phone. He prepared his luggage, if that was a luggage, and as soon as the train stopped, he came out from station and dropped at a coffee shop nearby.

Ein Caffee und Schokoladentorte, bitte.

He loosened his collar a bit and started eating when his order came. Where should I begin here?. He asked himself while seeing nightfall outside.


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