Midnight Rambling

… (something I couldn’t remember) …

No, you said?


What about walking in the park? Eating pizza together while having a small talk like usual?

Still big no.

So, you don’t want to know more about what happened in the past and afterwards?


And you won’t be curious about the answer should you ask a question, your very own customized question?

There is no such thing as customized questions, amico.

Okay, how about lunch or afternoon snack? That wouldn’t be a problem, I suppose.

No. That would make everything in between even worse.

How is that supposed to mean? Remember what happened at the end of December 2013?

Either a celebration of new year, or something else I don’t know.

How about things between New Year’s Eve and now?

I would even care less and yes, the answer still no. I won’t.

Very well, have it your way. Don’t blame me if later you regret this.

Vielen dank. I won’t. Good night.


Personal Companion

Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.)

I believe my personal companion, my first best-imaginary friend, is an image of a swordsman.

What would be the character of this swordsman today? He is calm with sharp tone when speaking. He sometimes has answer to almost my wildest questions. He  has tendency to prefer harsh truth to sugarcoated facts; a character I am always accused of. He is highly logical and sometimes doesn’t show mercy to anyone in their self-made mistake.

He is still here and shows up when my mind is wandering or I need sometime to think. Obviously, he is there when there isn’t anyone. But, in this very busy time I happen to be, I barely meet him anymore. Thanks to this topic, I can recall him this time.

First Checkpoint, City, and Rain

There was one chase done after several years of absence. A chase of space and time from one train station to another was done in matter of minutes in mind. As the title suggests, it was raining lightly. Wind chilled the air a bit and road didn’t become muddy. Traffic jam was there and between angry drivers and their cars, people ran to arrive at their home in the nick of time.

Smartphone said the day’s weather should be fine for traveling and that was the thing people did back then. Through station people waited and contacted their colleagues. Within the running trains they sat with their heart beating in fear. Some of them used music as their escape pod, some fell asleep, and the rest was in talk.

Sunset. People ran again and the rain became heavier than before. Several stations ceased their operation due higher risk of accident. Sky darkened and lightning was near. People tried to contact their people, either to ask about their destination or people who would pick them up. Several minutes later, one by one, people got their shuttle and went away leaving behind those who were waiting.

People thought their way to home would be simple. Sadly, it wasn’t. Some of them finally took up their phones, dialed certain number and made a simple decision regarding this matter. To go back that is. Next train should come in several minutes and their started to line up in front of ticket counter and stated their desired destination to the counter.

The Train arrived and people instantly rushed in. After finding good place to sit, they opened their smartphone and got lost in virtual world. Some of those phones rang and displayed a message.

Checkpoint unlocked. Care to write your note for this journey briefly?

Some of the people cared to write.

Actually, the time wasn’t right. I wouldn’t be able to come here for a long time.

The Train went away in the midst of downpour, away from people’s eyes.

Familiar Faces inside Unchanged Mind

For those who remember well, within songs, sceneries, landscapes, sounds, food, beverages, places, temperature, pressure, and all, forgetting seems to be of the obvious and yet undone.

Familiar faces and expressions are all over and sometimes mouth comes close to say the name.

Have you lost your mind?

No. This is simply state of mind called easy to forget happiness and hard to let go of vengeance, or so they said. The night becomes witness and wind blows all memories, fading away.

An Idol, A Sample To Follow Or Not

Maybe, he is not that perfect and she is not always there for you. He pushes you onto the edge and keeps you feel agitated. While you are busy with your own errands, she may call you out of blue just to get a jar of salt to season today’s dinner. Or maybe, he is always busy earning money and relatives worth of his time while she is meeting with her friends outside or in a friend’s house, perhaps. And when you get home at night, while nature sounds asleep and the bell rings, one of them instantly would gladly wake up and open the door.

After half of century of living, hair becomes white and whiter. Mind becomes more delusional and irrational. Body becomes weak and unstable. All of them is unlike you with steady hand and grip. Or so, you thought. And yet, their wisdom remains there, hidden for you to discover, if you are willing to. Their stories expand throughout several decades or sometime even more and yet you don’t have a slightest desire to open this valuable channel to reconnect with your past.

Their agility and strength have diminished with their sight has greatly decreased. They become your burden or so you said. And yet, they carry on their back your every sin you have committed until now. Which burden would be questionable? Is it yours or theirs?

They didn’t ask you to follow them unless you are out of your mind. They simple desire every bit of light and success for your behalf and sometimes without attending their own condition. Because they know, life is about to end very soon and you will be their last hope of salvation. You will be the witness of their hardships, good deeds, and sins. You will be the one who oppose them in His Court or sincere defenders, your call. Their fate is tied to you, even if you don’t realize.

You may be want to be like them or maybe, right now you despise them for what they make you become. Maybe, you are not given enough time to figure it out, your life that is, and they pointed it out for you. Maybe, you think they were wrong all along and you are right they were. Or maybe, you are just looking at the wrong side because you won’t find fish swimming in the air. They may be your perfect example but sometimes they are just human beings together with their flaws.

The end is near and now is the time to decide on which path you are standing.

Nothing Settles Here

I found this MV a bit touching. The title actually is Heart That Never Sleeps but a sentence nothing settles here give unique pressure on me. Well, here it is.

Driving to endless building
The city barely sinking in
Nothing settles here
But snow, oh
Everyone could see the storm
As the clouds were caving in
And upon the frozen ground
Was me and the heart that never sleeps

A Prophecy of Parallel Impossibility

I know this is not right, having you inside this hive, that this presence would not suffice your balance, that my hands won’t reach anything near your grasp. For all I care, I just want to hear a story about how you and him met, how you and them blend in hustle, how you and her become friends, and how you ended up having several foes all along. A story what would give a gray, in hope to have the light of current event, would be either enough or bring a bit of joy to those who wander after all this time.

Tell me story of which I couldn’t predict, a story about the unknown, a tale of long time friendship between sky and earth. Regale me with how funny you are and please describe why you could end up being so funny. Was it smile of yours what made everyday seemed bright before? Or was it just another kind of illusion which I couldn’t comprehend? Point me to direction of all times where I could foresee everything ahead and in between so I would have knowledge of a place I should come to.