A Prophecy of Parallel Impossibility

I know this is not right, having you inside this hive, that this presence would not suffice your balance, that my hands won’t reach anything near your grasp. For all I care, I just want to hear a story about how you and him met, how you and them blend in hustle, how you and her become friends, and how you ended up having several foes all along. A story what would give a gray, in hope to have the light of current event, would be either enough or bring a bit of joy to those who wander after all this time.

Tell me story of which I couldn’t predict, a story about the unknown, a tale of long time friendship between sky and earth. Regale me with how funny you are and please describe why you could end up being so funny. Was it smile of yours what made everyday seemed bright before? Or was it just another kind of illusion which I couldn’t comprehend? Point me to direction of all times where I could foresee everything ahead and in between so I would have knowledge of a place I should come to.


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