An Idol, A Sample To Follow Or Not

Maybe, he is not that perfect and she is not always there for you. He pushes you onto the edge and keeps you feel agitated. While you are busy with your own errands, she may call you out of blue just to get a jar of salt to season today’s dinner. Or maybe, he is always busy earning money and relatives worth of his time while she is meeting with her friends outside or in a friend’s house, perhaps. And when you get home at night, while nature sounds asleep and the bell rings, one of them instantly would gladly wake up and open the door.

After half of century of living, hair becomes white and whiter. Mind becomes more delusional and irrational. Body becomes weak and unstable. All of them is unlike you with steady hand and grip. Or so, you thought. And yet, their wisdom remains there, hidden for you to discover, if you are willing to. Their stories expand throughout several decades or sometime even more and yet you don’t have a slightest desire to open this valuable channel to reconnect with your past.

Their agility and strength have diminished with their sight has greatly decreased. They become your burden or so you said. And yet, they carry on their back your every sin you have committed until now. Which burden would be questionable? Is it yours or theirs?

They didn’t ask you to follow them unless you are out of your mind. They simple desire every bit of light and success for your behalf and sometimes without attending their own condition. Because they know, life is about to end very soon and you will be their last hope of salvation. You will be the witness of their hardships, good deeds, and sins. You will be the one who oppose them in His Court or sincere defenders, your call. Their fate is tied to you, even if you don’t realize.

You may be want to be like them or maybe, right now you despise them for what they make you become. Maybe, you are not given enough time to figure it out, your life that is, and they pointed it out for you. Maybe, you think they were wrong all along and you are right they were. Or maybe, you are just looking at the wrong side because you won’t find fish swimming in the air. They may be your perfect example but sometimes they are just human beings together with their flaws.

The end is near and now is the time to decide on which path you are standing.


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