First Checkpoint, City, and Rain

There was one chase done after several years of absence. A chase of space and time from one train station to another was done in matter of minutes in mind. As the title suggests, it was raining lightly. Wind chilled the air a bit and road didn’t become muddy. Traffic jam was there and between angry drivers and their cars, people ran to arrive at their home in the nick of time.

Smartphone said the day’s weather should be fine for traveling and that was the thing people did back then. Through station people waited and contacted their colleagues. Within the running trains they sat with their heart beating in fear. Some of them used music as their escape pod, some fell asleep, and the rest was in talk.

Sunset. People ran again and the rain became heavier than before. Several stations ceased their operation due higher risk of accident. Sky darkened and lightning was near. People tried to contact their people, either to ask about their destination or people who would pick them up. Several minutes later, one by one, people got their shuttle and went away leaving behind those who were waiting.

People thought their way to home would be simple. Sadly, it wasn’t. Some of them finally took up their phones, dialed certain number and made a simple decision regarding this matter. To go back that is. Next train should come in several minutes and their started to line up in front of ticket counter and stated their desired destination to the counter.

The Train arrived and people instantly rushed in. After finding good place to sit, they opened their smartphone and got lost in virtual world. Some of those phones rang and displayed a message.

Checkpoint unlocked. Care to write your note for this journey briefly?

Some of the people cared to write.

Actually, the time wasn’t right. I wouldn’t be able to come here for a long time.

The Train went away in the midst of downpour, away from people’s eyes.


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