The Art of Waiting

To wait is what one of those things I have learned so far. To seize an opportunity of a lifetime, I decide what to do next and start to wake up early. It is either an easy or a hard thing to do but patience is what would bring different results. To see the target, cover, and an opening require trained senses and mind. Here are what I have found after all these years.

I couldn’t always create an opening. What I could create is my own readiness if the time comes. I pick my own gun, select the suitable bullet, calculate how the bullet would travel and then go down at my aim. High powered gun or bullet wouldn’t be always the best choice because sometimes I have to face imminent threat in close range. If the mark hasn’t come, I wait.

Patience and focus would be challenged and measured. By the time you wait, your mind would start to wander, taking you off the field and if you are not careful enough, you shall miss the target. Sometimes you would like to have another person to spot your marks and help you to determine your gun setting. But a person able to do that won’t be always on your side. So, you have to rely on your training and continue training even you are in the field.

Different target could mean different gun and different person as your spotter. Some might be suitable in desert terrain, some in showy mountains, and some in urban areas. But again, you might need to get yourself get used to those attributes. Being able to to master one thing is good but to master one and capable of doing other matters altogether, even if only of basic, could prove even more helpful.

Now I lie in wait for those marks I have been assigned. I set my aim to every corner where my marks might pop up. Believe me, waiting is indeed a challenge.


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