Hi, My Name Is END

I haven’t met him, or her, and yet I have seen him, or her, several times.

For every road I have taken, I met one of those ends. He announced my departure and arrival at certain point. Even I never know with whom I would end up or where or when. He, or she, just announced and then there I was.

At least there were two people I have consider as end. Those ends came separately at different time. One was in a boy figure, a small one. He was, if I might guess, still in later year at elementary school or first year in junior high. The other was in female figure, which is for another story.

I came in touch with the boy at gloomy afternoon while raining. That was indeed rainy season. I was walking back to home after school hours. The sky was darkening and lightning started to appear. Rain hadn’t come yet. I fastened my steps when suddenly I saw this little one in the middle of the road.

Excuse me, little one. I would like to pass.

I said to him. Suddenly world stopped working and voices disappeared.

Hello, elder brother. Please, right here. That passage has been closed. You may go through this one.

He pointed the way. I followed his direction until I arrived at usual crossroad. Usual one but I sensed something different. The people, the wind, the scent, even the road itself weren’t the same. Everything was new for me.

I came to a brand new environment and it worked on every location I had encountered. I have never met this little boy again. To think that he was playful and cheerful, I still could not believe he was an end. Yet he was. If I asked to void, end of what would that be, the answer didn’t come right away. I am still searching one of those. One thing I realize is that there are several matter I have stopped doing since then. Several behavior, manners, even people I have ceased to come in contact with. I think that would be the end.

What if I didn’t ask him about the passage? What would be now if he directed me to another path? At what end would I arrive?



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