Youth, Development Programs, and The Roads

It is common to see youth development programs, seminars about how to train your everything, and most of them goes free. People go after them to fulfill their destiny, they said. To expand their horizon, to experience global friendship and life, and to get certificates are several of their reason. They are learning a lot of matters at youth training programs. Language, skills, and interpersonal qualities are what they claim. Some of them learn French and Spanish and the others might get several technical skills, and the rest learn how to survive without being compromised.

Meanwhile, in their own community, there are a few people standing still. Such programs do not get their attention. Their eyes look straight and their steps are moving forward. Their gaze sometime meet whatever placed before them or under their feet. They have their own pace which sometimes is considered too slow. All you can see on their shoulders are scars which you do not understand how they got there.

They all are in this very road and talking with different intensity. Some of them keep their voice down and low while the others are sounding their thought to community. Hearts are pressed and sometimes too much for a day. Hot coffee are the their best partner in the afternoon, especially in cold-cloudy day after the rain. All of them have different watch and different hour hand. One hand with beautifully designed watch leads several masses to go with their preaching while the others try to make the day living.

Now all that is seen is a coin. One side represents gold and the other offers you hammer and steel. You may pick one over another but what if what you would get is not for you to decide?


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