Penyambung Kabel

Apa pekerjaan orang macam ini? Menghubungkan kabel putus? Ah, bukan. Ini istilah yang saya pakai untuk menjelaskan middleman; seseorang yang berada di tengah, menyambungkan kabel yang terputus, diputus, atau memang belum tersambung sejak awal. Seorang teman saya pernah berkata, kurang lebih seperti ini, Middleman is one who does everything and achieves nothing. Kalau dihitung dari … Continue reading Penyambung Kabel

What are you doing, Young Man?

What are you really doing this time, young man? I remember the time when you said that you wanted to go opening your points of views. Really, I was ready that time to support you as long as I could. I remember one time you made decision to postpone your timing to have partner along … Continue reading What are you doing, Young Man?

Necessity and Dream

There is something about passion, several people wouldn't be able to comprehend. Reality, that is. The universe, which shows little interest in few selected people for their passion, somehow trains them to do what they must do. This universe exists in these few people who hide their emotion and seem good at every common skill … Continue reading Necessity and Dream