What are you doing, Young Man?

What are you really doing this time, young man?

I remember the time when you said that you wanted to go opening your points of views. Really, I was ready that time to support you as long as I could. I remember one time you made decision to postpone your timing to have partner along your journey just because you wanted to pass this and that roads alone. Care to remind me again what was that for, young man?

One day you said to yourself you would be gone after graduation to another place but now look at you standing here, sitting there, giggling about this and that from the top of the tower, typing this and that codes, having today’s breakfast like you always do everyday and sometime with the same menu. Another place, you said, to be different, to have new experience, to gain more stories from other people, to live another life God has for you, you said. Really?

What now? Are you packing your old books and papers full of your own writings?



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