Not A Goldmine

One of many stressful matters came when people started to achieve what they had been doing over pas years: Why haven’t those marks come that already?

Let me say a one in a group consist of man who already has a family; who has an ingenuity and intelligence; who has achieved good commendation and been praised for his excellence; whose dreams now are beginning to bear fruits.

Those eyes are starting to deteriorate while one leg is crumbling to run. Mind is crowded and somehow jammed while attention is severely disintegrated. Immunity has to be boosted with chemical addition, always. Talents? Ah, those are things considered unreal. What are options left?

None. Simply none. And yet, everything comes from every direction without seeming to choose a proper target. There are questions about life and doubting reasons, bearing responsibilities. Somehow those eyes are heavy, too heavy with tears being held inside while mouth is having a hard time not to shout randomly out of rage.

At the end of the day, those who bear such marks would walk and tell people who ask their way of running.

Such matters only lead to nothingness or, worse, initiation of disrepute.

Emotion would not tell a way to goldmine, senses do. Such magnificence is only bestowed to selected ones and the others shall pay in sweat and blood in exchange.


Mi Expresión


 Sometimes taking a walk outside is all we need to do and what I might need to do, right now.

Cheers, amigo!

When A Friend Has Fallen … In Love

This topic, however, I would not dare to presume to be popular. People fall and break their love everyday. One might fall on random person they meet on bus while going to work or school. One might unconsciously stare at one attractive person and be surprised that one has to go off the train. It happens everyday on our commuting line.

First thing comes up when one of them falling for a girl:

Dude, remember what Uncle Barney taught you back in very first episode? Don’t get married until you are thirty.

The other one would complain that I was just being childish and ignorant.

It was all just because you don’t know, or understand fully, the joy behind falling in love and getting married.

I bet none of us, Bro. None of use has ever known if there is any joy behind anything, or if there is not any joy at all, or worst, despair. I am only told that everything is learned and understood. Well, this argument might be followed by this one.

Exactly! That is why you have to get married in the first place. To begin the experience of having your own family, children, and their descendants.

Several ones might have been bragging about this particular idea and now might have been bearing ones. I would not say that it is a good one or not but after seeing the expression and way of their thinking, it seems to only improve so much. Another one might have hidden the feeling and suppressed it until a degree that no one able to sense. This is a kind, a dear kind, that somehow has managed to let all emotions away from distracting its performance. For this instance, a few might learn how to let go of things, especially this kind of abstract concept.

Being in love does not mean one should go get married. It could be interpreted that way but I think the main attribute is that, you are willing to do anything, within certain boundaries, to make those people happy.

One might hold onto this principle and gets called a coward and I won’t deny the fact that I have met several people who do insult this principle. Which way would you go on this matter?

Plain Mind

Have you ever been so white and discolored?

You do what you do every day. You wake up every morning, eat your breakfast, put on your working attire, or even suits, go to work, do your eight hours sitting and typing, answer calls and emails, take a lunch break and eat the same meals as you did few days ago, continue working until it is time to go home.

Well, at least you do what you do best.

Let see if after work you have something interesting to share with your people, friends, or even family. How sad it would be if you don’t have one. Even when you are trying to write something on your blog, you can’t come up with anything. Remember the feeling when your mind can’t silence even for one minute and causes you distracted all over the staff meeting? Remember when you could create your own sequence with your own characters and timeline. Where does it go?

Now that you have decided to take a break from your daily routine, to let your mind wandering off a while, you still can’t write even a short passage. You ask yourself.

What is wrong with me?

Then you start to scroll down your writings, blog or anything, to relive moment of the past and try to recollect your pieces in hope you would be able to write again afterwards. You get frustrated and irritated when you see your colleague’s writings are all over your homepage, since you are following them, obviously. You take a look at your calendar and see if your writing deadline has been delayed but it hasn’t. What would you expect?

After several days of desperation, you decide to go somewhere without your consent, hoping the journey would ease your confusing brain. You open the door and put on your shoes. You gaze upon the cloudy sky and whisper.

I wish today isn’t rainy.

Either your wish is granted or not, you don’t know. You walk out from your house and start to wander, physically and emotionally.



Ketika Dangdut Menjadi Lagu Pengiring Senam

Yah, daripada goyang tanpa arah yang jelas, lebih baik goyangannya jadi gerakan senam.

Daily Prompt : I Got Skills

It might have been too late to publish this topic but since everyone, including me, has their own hope of some masteries, why not?

I like reading and my current difficulty is that I do not understand every language in the world. So, it would be logical if one thing I would like to achieve most is to understand all languages, including ancient ones. This ability would let me enter different people’s culture, chatters, and help me adapt in different side of the world. It seems fun to read and write in several languages in one book. But not to look intelligent or genius though, it depends on the content.

Second choice is proven hard. I have my eyes at several martial arts and sport which I haven’t tried before. There are such as archery and swordsmanship, especially the way of handling lightsabers like what Jedi does, those knights are cool! Here is one of them.


That kind of swordsmanship, I don’t think would be useful in our daily life, but still, self defense sometimes comes handy. My current hobbies are now reading and jogging which I thought would help me honing my skill in languages and bit of health. To achieve such masteries, I think I’ll need more time and guidance. In the end, having excellency in languages and swordsmanship/archery, that’d be fun.

2014 In 100 Words

It was not an easy year. I had planned my orchestra and written my composition. I played my tunes in my room while people were sleeping. My fingers were so intimate with my board and my mind always wandered off. Rain fell almost every day and I slept with two layers of blanket. I began my day with a cup black tea and ended it with two apples. I started to listen even more foreign music. I learned how to ignore voices inside my head. I saw people go even further, но не со мной.