Daily Prompt : I Got Skills

It might have been too late to publish this topic but since everyone, including me, has their own hope of some masteries, why not?

I like reading and my current difficulty is that I do not understand every language in the world. So, it would be logical if one thing I would like to achieve most is to understand all languages, including ancient ones. This ability would let me enter different people’s culture, chatters, and help me adapt in different side of the world. It seems fun to read and write in several languages in one book. But not to look intelligent or genius though, it depends on the content.

Second choice is proven hard. I have my eyes at several martial arts and sport which I haven’t tried before. There are such as archery and swordsmanship, especially the way of handling lightsabers like what Jedi does, those knights are cool! Here is one of them.


That kind of swordsmanship, I don’t think would be useful in our daily life, but still, self defense sometimes comes handy. My current hobbies are now reading and jogging which I thought would help me honing my skill in languages and bit of health. To achieve such masteries, I think I’ll need more time and guidance. In the end, having excellency in languages and swordsmanship/archery, that’d be fun.


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