Plain Mind

Have you ever been so white and discolored?

You do what you do every day. You wake up every morning, eat your breakfast, put on your working attire, or even suits, go to work, do your eight hours sitting and typing, answer calls and emails, take a lunch break and eat the same meals as you did few days ago, continue working until it is time to go home.

Well, at least you do what you do best.

Let see if after work you have something interesting to share with your people, friends, or even family. How sad it would be if you don’t have one. Even when you are trying to write something on your blog, you can’t come up with anything. Remember the feeling when your mind can’t silence even for one minute and causes you distracted all over the staff meeting? Remember when you could create your own sequence with your own characters and timeline. Where does it go?

Now that you have decided to take a break from your daily routine, to let your mind wandering off a while, you still can’t write even a short passage. You ask yourself.

What is wrong with me?

Then you start to scroll down your writings, blog or anything, to relive moment of the past and try to recollect your pieces in hope you would be able to write again afterwards. You get frustrated and irritated when you see your colleague’s writings are all over your homepage, since you are following them, obviously. You take a look at your calendar and see if your writing deadline has been delayed but it hasn’t. What would you expect?

After several days of desperation, you decide to go somewhere without your consent, hoping the journey would ease your confusing brain. You open the door and put on your shoes. You gaze upon the cloudy sky and whisper.

I wish today isn’t rainy.

Either your wish is granted or not, you don’t know. You walk out from your house and start to wander, physically and emotionally.




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