When A Friend Has Fallen … In Love

This topic, however, I would not dare to presume to be popular. People fall and break their love everyday. One might fall on random person they meet on bus while going to work or school. One might unconsciously stare at one attractive person and be surprised that one has to go off the train. It happens everyday on our commuting line.

First thing comes up when one of them falling for a girl:

Dude, remember what Uncle Barney taught you back in very first episode? Don’t get married until you are thirty.

The other one would complain that I was just being childish and ignorant.

It was all just because you don’t know, or understand fully, the joy behind falling in love and getting married.

I bet none of us, Bro. None of use has ever known if there is any joy behind anything, or if there is not any joy at all, or worst, despair. I am only told that everything is learned and understood. Well, this argument might be followed by this one.

Exactly! That is why you have to get married in the first place. To begin the experience of having your own family, children, and their descendants.

Several ones might have been bragging about this particular idea and now might have been bearing ones. I would not say that it is a good one or not but after seeing the expression and way of their thinking, it seems to only improve so much. Another one might have hidden the feeling and suppressed it until a degree that no one able to sense. This is a kind, a dear kind, that somehow has managed to let all emotions away from distracting its performance. For this instance, a few might learn how to let go of things, especially this kind of abstract concept.

Being in love does not mean one should go get married. It could be interpreted that way but I think the main attribute is that, you are willing to do anything, within certain boundaries, to make those people happy.

One might hold onto this principle and gets called a coward and I won’t deny the fact that I have met several people who do insult this principle. Which way would you go on this matter?


Author: anwari

Bachelor in Informatics, Interested in Gaming, Language & Literature, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

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