Not A Goldmine

One of many stressful matters came when people started to achieve what they had been doing over pas years: Why haven’t those marks come that already?

Let me say a one in a group consist of man who already has a family; who has an ingenuity and intelligence; who has achieved good commendation and been praised for his excellence; whose dreams now are beginning to bear fruits.

Those eyes are starting to deteriorate while one leg is crumbling to run. Mind is crowded and somehow jammed while attention is severely disintegrated. Immunity has to be boosted with chemical addition, always. Talents? Ah, those are things considered unreal. What are options left?

None. Simply none. And yet, everything comes from every direction without seeming to choose a proper target. There are questions about life and doubting reasons, bearing responsibilities. Somehow those eyes are heavy, too heavy with tears being held inside while mouth is having a hard time not to shout randomly out of rage.

At the end of the day, those who bear such marks would walk and tell people who ask their way of running.

Such matters only lead to nothingness or, worse, initiation of disrepute.

Emotion would not tell a way to goldmine, senses do. Such magnificence is only bestowed to selected ones and the others shall pay in sweat and blood in exchange.


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