Big Dream versus Small Act | Think Global, Act Local

There are people who are dreaming big and noble, indeed. But, how many are there, people who are willing to do what is necessary? This topic is just right in every manner and point of view I can think of.

If I were to state one global issue, that would be cleanness. I’m not saying that global warming and terrorist are minor problem, tough. To change the world, one must change oneself first. Before you can change other people hearts and behavior, you must change yours first. That is because acts speak louder than speech. I think I firmly believe that principle.

Many things start from being clean. Comfort, hospitality, health, they come from cleanness. Then, there is an obvious question “why do people not throw away their rubbish to proper place?”. I just say simply, “They are completely, inevitably, definitely, absolutely, lazy and ignorant.” When people stare at me because of my voice, I sometimes reply back, “What? Do you think because you pay your tax, your cleaning service, your monthly fees for neighborhood, you then can ignore your trash? Does that make you have the right to expose them to several diseases because of your filth and expiring leftovers? Just because you pay them to clean up after yourself?”

One thing in common from their answer is this: the fact of existence of people who are willing to devote themselves to cleaning and health care service is a solid prove that they are ready for consequences. Really?

People desire healthier world, better environment, and yet they make themselves in hell and blame medical practitioner if they can’t cure their disease. If their neighborhood full of affliction and disease, they blame the government for being corrupt and not using tax money to support and build sanitation infrastructure. Seriously?

Instead of blaming government which is, indeed and somehow, corrupt, why don’t you start cleaning after yourself? You can start from the simplest of all: not throw away your trash everywhere. Is that too hard to do? I think every benefit there is about this, you are one who will get, not that far away government or cleaning service. Seriously, think about it.

(This article is a response for this daily prompt and written out of anger towards those kind of people.)


Soul Splitter | Clone Wars

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

When splitting comes to something like soul splitting, I may have a thing or two. Let me assume the splitting is like this one. Soul_Splitter

So, my true, original self (body) would transform into a stone, be invulnerable to any damage and disease. Then my soul will be divided into two soul fragments with temporary shell. This will do if I want try something dangerous or thing that I’m afraid of, or even something deadly. When one of temporary shells break, all soul fragments will come back to the stone and I’ll be alive and whole once again. Not bad, eh?

Let see if I could clone and control my clones perfectly. One would do my homework, one would do my current job, one would do daily chores, one would … Ah, well it’s confusing to break my responsibilities but the basic one. But, if cloning is like doing kagebunshin no jutsu, I really could make use of this. I have a desire to learn multiple subjects such as language, mathematics, science, etc. but don’t seem to have enough time for each one of them. So having bunshin to work on this thing would be really helpful. Don’t you think?

Good day.

Weekend, Something We Truly Desire | Sliced Bread

Answering question, if there is something better after sliced bread (I’m not a regular bread consumer tough, I eat rice), that would be weekend.

I’m writing this at 05.15 AM when the sun hasn’t come up yet, alone, in dim light, with my glass of milk tea, while relaxing. I’m not doing anything work related and I force myself not to. It’s time to give myself a little more time to recuperate, to breath deeply and calmly. I think I deserve this and I really think people should to this. It is not the writing and milk tea drinking part but the taking time off part.

I understand that dateline is approaching and product must be delivered on time with desired quality, no matter what. Price has been paid and failure is not an option. I know that already. Even tough, I was admitted to project with specified mark that overtime isn’t going to be compensated and is expected to be done when necessary, I still do not to overtime and am not going to. Unless, of course, there is another personal reason, not work related one.

I truly enjoy this moment and think you should too. Take your time off for real this time, away, even very far away if you could. Listen to the silence and your own whispers. Then, I wish that while eating sliced bread with coffee, tea, milk tea, milk, or orange juice, you really enjoy your own time. Think of it as a gift after working hard, smart, and diligently over past five days.

Good morning and happy weekend.

Between Struggling and Letting Go Of Many Things

How would you behave after tackling one problem and another sequentially and successfully? A gushing wind of pride and a victory fanfare? What if all events are just the exact opposite?

Everything you have begun is based on your own idea and somehow you are still standing on the same ground. When you understand that fact, would you reconsider your idea and start to move from and on different start? Would you be fine with sacrificing your goals and dreams to pursue something more reasonable?

You understand that keeping your motivation high is one of many ways to make something. But after years of pain and patience? Would you still keep your head high and gaze straight? Would your sacrifice, tears, sweats, and silent scream be answered with glory? There is a common judgment that you would claim to have done everything within your power and somehow you are worthy for the price. However, look at you. Have you got the prize? Or second prize? Third? Or even a sign that certified that you have participated actively in such competition?

What if you have to give up now, once and for all? Abandon all hopes, resign from your current position and give it to others? Start look around for different possibilities and opportunities? Begin drawing from scratch, even from a canvas you truly dislike with an uncomfortable pen? There is no saying stating you have to be at the bottom, or not, to begin a life you wish, but what if you have a life you never wish but others desire dearly? Or worse, nobody even bothers to imagine?

Let say all else have failed and you have stood on the same ground for years. Would you move or wait for another year with patience, pain, tears, and praying? Which way do you want to start anew? What kind of situation would lead you to stay and struggle or, let go and start anew?

Playlist of Old

I have to admit, and feel a bit embarrassed, that my songs are old, even dated back to junior high school, about more than eight years ago. Since the topic is about five song, I think I can handle it.

  1. Kitchie Nadal – Same Ground.
  2. JoJo – Keep Forgetting
  3. Kenny Chesney – Somewhere With You
  4. Dave Coz – All I See Is You
  5. Within Temptation ft. Xhibit – And We Run.

I don’t have to give a preview for each of them, do I? But, let me show the first one. I first heard this song when aired in a radio years ago. I have hummed this song even since without knowing the title or the singer. I happened to find the details, maybe, two or three days ago. I searched the song using the only part of refrain that still in my head.

It is a nice song with simple lyrics and it is just light in my ears. Well, that is pretty much about my playlist of this week. Wish you enjoy my choice.