Between Struggling and Letting Go Of Many Things

How would you behave after tackling one problem and another sequentially and successfully? A gushing wind of pride and a victory fanfare? What if all events are just the exact opposite?

Everything you have begun is based on your own idea and somehow you are still standing on the same ground. When you understand that fact, would you reconsider your idea and start to move from and on different start? Would you be fine with sacrificing your goals and dreams to pursue something more reasonable?

You understand that keeping your motivation high is one of many ways to make something. But after years of pain and patience? Would you still keep your head high and gaze straight? Would your sacrifice, tears, sweats, and silent scream be answered with glory? There is a common judgment that you would claim to have done everything within your power and somehow you are worthy for the price. However, look at you. Have you got the prize? Or second prize? Third? Or even a sign that certified that you have participated actively in such competition?

What if you have to give up now, once and for all? Abandon all hopes, resign from your current position and give it to others? Start look around for different possibilities and opportunities? Begin drawing from scratch, even from a canvas you truly dislike with an uncomfortable pen? There is no saying stating you have to be at the bottom, or not, to begin a life you wish, but what if you have a life you never wish but others desire dearly? Or worse, nobody even bothers to imagine?

Let say all else have failed and you have stood on the same ground for years. Would you move or wait for another year with patience, pain, tears, and praying? Which way do you want to start anew? What kind of situation would lead you to stay and struggle or, let go and start anew?


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