Playlist of Old

I have to admit, and feel a bit embarrassed, that my songs are old, even dated back to junior high school, about more than eight years ago. Since the topic is about five song, I think I can handle it.

  1. Kitchie Nadal – Same Ground.
  2. JoJo – Keep Forgetting
  3. Kenny Chesney – Somewhere With You
  4. Dave Coz – All I See Is You
  5. Within Temptation ft. Xhibit – And We Run.

I don’t have to give a preview for each of them, do I? But, let me show the first one. I first heard this song when aired in a radio years ago. I have hummed this song even since without knowing the title or the singer. I happened to find the details, maybe, two or three days ago. I searched the song using the only part of refrain that still in my head.

It is a nice song with simple lyrics and it is just light in my ears. Well, that is pretty much about my playlist of this week. Wish you enjoy my choice.



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