Weekend, Something We Truly Desire | Sliced Bread

Answering question, if there is something better after sliced bread (I’m not a regular bread consumer tough, I eat rice), that would be weekend.

I’m writing this at 05.15 AM when the sun hasn’t come up yet, alone, in dim light, with my glass of milk tea, while relaxing. I’m not doing anything work related and I force myself not to. It’s time to give myself a little more time to recuperate, to breath deeply and calmly. I think I deserve this and I really think people should to this. It is not the writing and milk tea drinking part but the taking time off part.

I understand that dateline is approaching and product must be delivered on time with desired quality, no matter what. Price has been paid and failure is not an option. I know that already. Even tough, I was admitted to project with specified mark that overtime isn’t going to be compensated and is expected to be done when necessary, I still do not to overtime and am not going to. Unless, of course, there is another personal reason, not work related one.

I truly enjoy this moment and think you should too. Take your time off for real this time, away, even very far away if you could. Listen to the silence and your own whispers. Then, I wish that while eating sliced bread with coffee, tea, milk tea, milk, or orange juice, you really enjoy your own time. Think of it as a gift after working hard, smart, and diligently over past five days.

Good morning and happy weekend.


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