Soul Splitter | Clone Wars

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

When splitting comes to something like soul splitting, I may have a thing or two. Let me assume the splitting is like this one. Soul_Splitter

So, my true, original self (body) would transform into a stone, be invulnerable to any damage and disease. Then my soul will be divided into two soul fragments with temporary shell. This will do if I want try something dangerous or thing that I’m afraid of, or even something deadly. When one of temporary shells break, all soul fragments will come back to the stone and I’ll be alive and whole once again. Not bad, eh?

Let see if I could clone and control my clones perfectly. One would do my homework, one would do my current job, one would do daily chores, one would … Ah, well it’s confusing to break my responsibilities but the basic one. But, if cloning is like doing kagebunshin no jutsu, I really could make use of this. I have a desire to learn multiple subjects such as language, mathematics, science, etc. but don’t seem to have enough time for each one of them. So having bunshin to work on this thing would be really helpful. Don’t you think?

Good day.


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