Big Dream versus Small Act | Think Global, Act Local

There are people who are dreaming big and noble, indeed. But, how many are there, people who are willing to do what is necessary? This topic is just right in every manner and point of view I can think of.

If I were to state one global issue, that would be cleanness. I’m not saying that global warming and terrorist are minor problem, tough. To change the world, one must change oneself first. Before you can change other people hearts and behavior, you must change yours first. That is because acts speak louder than speech. I think I firmly believe that principle.

Many things start from being clean. Comfort, hospitality, health, they come from cleanness. Then, there is an obvious question “why do people not throw away their rubbish to proper place?”. I just say simply, “They are completely, inevitably, definitely, absolutely, lazy and ignorant.” When people stare at me because of my voice, I sometimes reply back, “What? Do you think because you pay your tax, your cleaning service, your monthly fees for neighborhood, you then can ignore your trash? Does that make you have the right to expose them to several diseases because of your filth and expiring leftovers? Just because you pay them to clean up after yourself?”

One thing in common from their answer is this: the fact of existence of people who are willing to devote themselves to cleaning and health care service is a solid prove that they are ready for consequences. Really?

People desire healthier world, better environment, and yet they make themselves in hell and blame medical practitioner if they can’t cure their disease. If their neighborhood full of affliction and disease, they blame the government for being corrupt and not using tax money to support and build sanitation infrastructure. Seriously?

Instead of blaming government which is, indeed and somehow, corrupt, why don’t you start cleaning after yourself? You can start from the simplest of all: not throw away your trash everywhere. Is that too hard to do? I think every benefit there is about this, you are one who will get, not that far away government or cleaning service. Seriously, think about it.

(This article is a response for this daily prompt and written out of anger towards those kind of people.)


Author: anwari

Bachelor in Informatics, Interested in Gaming, Language & Literature, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

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