Dear You

Dear You of The Farthest Dream,

We met not long after we both got admitted at our own college. We met because of line of duty in rational capacities not emotional tendency. We met when you were busy managing foods and beverages for our guests while on each of our own task force. We met when lunch time came and I had no place to seat; you offered me once. We met when my right hand was arrogant, denying my humble request to eat.

We met in our task force when I was appointed to do the paperwork. We met on our table on someplace far when we couldn’t get to sit with the others. We met when you were eating fruits and milk while I was absorbed to my own selfish, childish book. We met when I was convincing you to go different way to get our friends faster but you wouldn’t listen. We met at laboratories when you often fell asleep while waiting your companion to arrive. We met in the same place when you required a seat you couldn’t find. We met when I was preparing my leave in silence.

We didn’t talk to each other as people would expect us to do, or I might be assuming. We had our pace different, separated, and carefully tended to not be into each other, or I might think that way. We held our heads down as we never exchange eye contact like people would normally do in broad daylight to their acquaintances. You sounded my name when we passed each other on the same street while I spelled yours by nodding my head.

Different experiences led us to walk different paths along with different societies. As we are dictated to not meet and walk on the same journey, I wonder what you have become after all these years. I have been only sensing rumors when you are busy capturing data for you research. While I am standing and actively being captive by these subtle neuron impulses and people’s chatters, you listen to our brethren speech in the most invigorating way possible.

I wonder why I was so determined to avoid any conversation with you. Even in my wildest dream about you, I always decide to go around alone without a companion of wolf pack.  Now you are going to places I have never been, chasing dream on this very broad daylight.

We might not meet again soon or at all but one possible occurrence of particular celebration should I be getting the invitation and have a formal tux. I wish next time we meet will be the last and then these memories will also fade away. I’ll do my part to get rid of this insanity and walk on this earth without ever knowing what has happened before.

I wish you a good and happy life. Adios.

Reality, April 4th 2015.


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