Action & Reaction

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Karma Chameleon.”

Actually, I believe that karma exists, somehow. I picture karma like I imagine Newton’s third principle: action-reaction force. For some reason in which I firmly believe, everything I do today shall give effect on tomorrow, either big or small. So, if science indeed has proven karma is a thing, that alone won’t change anything.

Sometimes I imagine the opposite, if karma doesn’t exists; a universe where a being may do anything freely without considering any influence on its future self. How would people behave? Would they behave still respectfully or just without any thought at all? Would our world stay the same or become even worse since if someone does something wrong about the others, they wouldn’t even care because nothing bad shall come to them since karma doesn’t exist?

Oh well, given a fact that people are sometimes selfish, maybe you have guessed the answer already.


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