A List: How To Live A Life In Silence

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”

Here is a list of rules I compiled after several years of living, if I may call it a living.

  1. Do not interfere with people’s business unless they ask you to.
  2. Do not break your promise if you are entrusted with any secret.
  3. Do not let yourself wide open so people may interfere with your affairs.
  4. Do not let anyone say anything about you in public, especially if what they say is true.
  5. Do not say anything about yourself, other people you know or not, at all.
  6. You may say something about other people either you know or not if only situation is direly dangerous to you, other people whom you talk about, national security, or health issue. However, stay in silence is preferable.
  7. Do not ask question in the open, ask your question when you are in private session with whom you want to ask.
  8. Do not mix personal issue with professional matter. If that can’t be helped, leave your current workplace, start somewhere else anew.
  9. Do not say you love something or someone in the open and directly to something or someone you love. Or even better, do not love anything or anyone. Just Do Not.
  10. Do not mingle the dust of angel and demon unless you want to create a being that love to wage an eternal war.

Okay, is this list long enough? I have some rules to follow in life I am living in but I wonder I can write them all in single list.

Good day.


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