Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem, something people would say because today is present, yesterday is history, tomorrow is uncertainty. Something we all know to well and yet I don’t think people care about it very much. Seize the day might be understood by enjoying every minute there is given to you. In a prayer, one should give one’s full attention to Him because one is speaking to Him. Carpe Diem, they said. How would you seize the day without seizing a minute or two?

I focus and worry too much about future because I don’t want my past repeated.  I lost my sight over shallow coral reef that would breach front part of the ship because I was hoping that I wouldn’t miss the next lighthouse. After two years of sailing, I found myself in wrecked ship. Today is the third year I am on wide, vast ocean sailing along the wind, boarding on this same ship.

As I’m watching over clear sky and brutal wind coming from above, I come down and recheck my maps, nearest harbour to check in and restock provision, talking more with my crews and quartermaster. Carpe Diem, they said so I may avoid danger ahead without forgetting everything on the table today.

You have finished your calculation, Captain. Our destination has been marked and route has been decided including alternative passages should we meet undesirable condition on the sea. Although, there are not much alternatives for every wrong wind current. You may look forward to nearest harbour but we have our navigator watching our overall route. So, please stand steady now as we have a long journey ahead of us. Let us set sail, Captain. For there are gold and glory waiting for us at the end of the sea.

Aye. Let us set sail once again and hoping we may find our destination soon enough. Carpe Diem, so our future may not be disrupted by our current ignorance, so we may continue our journey.


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