Unfinished Ideas, Unstructured Writings, Unpublished Articles

Have you ever left everything you’ve been doing for years because you have some other things to do? Ideas, sketches, designs, or any personal projects you’ve been longing to pursue but don’t get the chance because you are busy with works or any other interpersonal relationships?

Inside your spare hard drives or inside a folder stranded under your table lamp or at the corner of your room or somewhere under your bed, are there a folder containing projects you found interesting back when you were young? Or a piece of paper on which you drew your first sketch, a sketch you bragged to yourself as a masterpiece? Or maybe a stack of paper on which you wrote your very first-soon-to-be book and you planned to send it to a publisher?

Friday night is always around the corner waiting to appear again. When it comes, you will be on your way home, tired of everything in past five days. When you opened the door to your flat, there is everything from yesterday and now you are bringing something new, your dinner, bought someplace on your way home. You sit on your usual couch and start eating your dinner while seeing your desk not far. Your sight is fixed on your folders, or hanging old sketch, or computer imagining several olds items you haven’t touched after these years.

Would you finish your dinner very soon and get up from your chair? Walk to your desk to see if there is something you could do to those old passions of yours? Or if there are no longer your passion, why would you still let them there not throwing them into trash can or store them in your attic, for instance? Or you prefer to take a good rest on this weekend, hiding behind your wall of well-made-up reasons that states your old passion won’t generate enough money you need to pay your monthly bills with? Or are you so tired to think about any possibility in which your old sketches may develop? Or do you rather save your energy so you can get back to work or something else on Monday?

Here I am sitting on a couch in living room looking through my drafts and sorting them out to see if there is something I may add to make my draft evolve into an article worth reading; while opening English and Deutsch dictionary because both of them are not my native language; while sipping my cup of tea without sugar.

Draft at 22 February 2015


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