A Ghost: Prologue

Midnight was windy. One tightened its coat and walked fast through an alley to home. The train was late and crowded as one could not get some sleep while being there. It didn't get a chance to wear watch and so the timekeeper had to be its cellphone. It wore black trousers, socks, and shoes. … Continue reading A Ghost: Prologue

Going Around and Home

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Journey." I can't say that I have been travelling a lot. The city where I live now is just about approx. 180 kilometers from my hometown if measured by road length. I have been here, in this foreign city for almost seven years since I did my … Continue reading Going Around and Home


At a gymnasium nearby, near a football field, while being surrounded by thin bushes and vast plain of grass, there was a cloudy day with small dose of precipitation. Old calendar, being dusty and almost torn apart, showed January of 2009 in the middle of rainy season. There was a crowd hanging out in the … Continue reading You

Lame Excuses

There are plenty excuses we makes everyday because of our denial, ignorance, and foolishness. Well, harshly said, because of our idiocy. One might get blamed because their excuses lame and irresponsible. Every reason you said when got asked why you didn't get your job done or didn't attend the class, mostly is claimed to be … Continue reading Lame Excuses