Lame Excuses

There are plenty excuses we makes everyday because of our denial, ignorance, and foolishness. Well, harshly said, because of our idiocy. One might get blamed because their excuses lame and irresponsible. Every reason you said when got asked why you didn’t get your job done or didn’t attend the class, mostly is claimed to be lame, by some people. I propose the opposite, what if your primary duty is the main excuse of your inability to achieve something? What if you current studies stopped you from doodling with your pencil and paper creating a new artwork? What if your current jobs prevented you from getting a chance to write your own fictional book you have planned since the dawn of your very?

Of course not, getting work and money at the end of the month is surely, certainly, definitely, doubtlessly, an honorable and most desirable achievement. So, you have dreamed of becoming an artist, drawing some sketches and you can’t finish them because you are exhausted from work? Or maybe there are writings you have done since college and you dream of authoring a book?

Oh, come on. You can finalize your sketches on Saturday and Sunday. And your need to send your draft? You can just put any material on your draft. If you really want to get that drawing displayed in some international-recognised gallery or that draft of yours published, just finish them on weekends. Oh, right. There are some deadlines approaching so I’ll need you to come to the office this weekend.

See, what we do sometimes is just making excuses. We still have plenty of time to do what we really want to do while still doing what we need to do. Still making lame excuses, anyone?


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