A Ghost: Prologue

Midnight was windy. One tightened its coat and walked fast through an alley to home. The train was late and crowded as one could not get some sleep while being there. It didn’t get a chance to wear watch and so the timekeeper had to be its cellphone. It wore black trousers, socks, and shoes. Dark blue was its long-sleeved shirt. It had grey jacket covered with another dark blue jacket. One ought to wear two layers if night was like that day, it thought.

The cellphone was small and a bit difficult to get it charged properly. One grabbed the other and plugged the 3.5mm jack to get some audio on. Something about the clouds and thunder made signal response turned bad. In such bad weather, one could not expect to get a proper audio broadcast. The backpack was medium built, black, and had a pair of wing-like patterns on it. It was old enough to have strengthened its legs and start walking on its own.

One arrived at this town. Empty terminals, wide open road, fewer people on sidewalk, and smell of dust combined with smoke were ones who greeted one’s arrival. One’s journey was short and yet heavy. Burdens it carried had not been released since years as face grew paler in light of street lamps as hands and palms grew colder.

There was a kiosk on the sidewalk selling moonlight cake. It had been one of its favorite kind of meal overnight. The order was cheese-chocolate and the chef did his duty smoothly. Das smeckt gut, one thought. The price was paid and then the cake was hanging on its hands. One continued walking towards the of the alley to the main road and turned right, entering a complex where someone had been waiting.

The one who waited started the engine and went away. It was a mere moment past midnight on Wednesday. One had grown tired and craved for some sleep.


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