I need A Trolley

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Baggage Check.”

One might need a trolley to carry a backpack and other backpacks. Seriously, so much that even I was surprised when seeing the luggage for two hours flight trip. I, for one, only need one travel bag. Why do you need all those things? I said to someone.

One seemed to be exhausted after the trip as one could not walk freely and enjoy even a moment of one’s journey. Not even one picture one might take during holiday. I am not surprised. How could you expect to bring back some memories if you were bringing so much? I said as I rose up from a chair bringing a carton of coffee.

For a moment, one saw the luggage and one’s stuff inside. Just bring the essential and you’re good to go. You always can ask for help if you need anything small like pen. Why did you even decide to bring a box of pens? One realized, maybe what I was saying was right at some points. One decided to pack lightly and leave some at home.

Time to hit the road again and this time, I’ll save as much as possible spaces on my luggage and bring some new souvenirs. Cheers.

Not later one went on a journey again. That time one left some much trouble at home but at least one might enjoy the trip a little more. One could not afford to regret and ought to feel the trip to the fullest, I thought while waving my hand at observation deck at airport, watching an airplane take off again.



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