Taking Down Pont des Arts

Not that I mean taking down literally. I knew this kind of passion display and the bridge from a movie called Now You Can See Me. The scene was about two FBI agents locked their secret in a padlock, put it on the bridge or fence, and threw the key to the river. Now I read on BBC and CNN that the authority made decision to remove these love locks because of safety issues and degradation of the bridge (or the fences?).

I realized that this would break the fence eventually, but I had to admit that was pretty romantic, well romantically funny. How would you even expect that your secret, love, or whatever it was you locked inside those padlocks would last long or even forever? However, it is still romantic. Pont des Arts is one of many reasons why I want to visit Paris.

As one ever wrote to me, love takes many forms of appreciation. It might take form of voices, paintings, sounds, writings, arts or even padlocks in this case. I guess I have to accept the fate that I can no longer put a padlock on this Pont des Arts with my signature and tag “I was here!” on it.

The hundreds of thousands of love inscribed padlocks on the Pont Des Arts Bridge, Paris France. Source: http://michellegable.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/PontDesArts.jpg

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