Barely Standing

A man once said that a gentleman should stand, offer a seat to those in need, to happily assist anyone, pay attention to whom he is speaking, open the door to ladies (especially the older ones, seriously!), etc.. A gentleman’s business is nobody’s business so that requires him to keep everything about him closed. A gentleman should stand tall, fast because he is the umbrella of those who don’t have, a protector of those in danger, a benefactor of those unfortunate.

However, what is a gentleman but a human? An organic structure which is bound to fail someday and promised, destined to stop to function properly. Would that moment be a gentleman’s last moment?

Not for long, there will be a stone of a human-like figure wearing a bespoke suit, glasses, standing against sunset while turning its back to sunshine. After years of rain, heat, wind draining any life within, what is left is a shell people see on daily basis. The stone has smile which later considered as empty one. Under its shadow, there will be born both soulful and soulless gentlemen wearing the same kind of suit.

There will be a moment when two gentlemen, each of them from each types, walking into a bar and order different drinks. One shall define his day as a magnificent, meaningful, and tasteful day he has ever experience while the other will nod, agreeing his words, and sip his drink without even looking at the other.

Gentlemen speak nothing of themselves, wear a proper and bespoke suits, and drink only when necessary. They are knowledgable, understanding, willing to learn and adapt, and smart. In several occasion, a mere child, while walking beside his mother, asks her.

Mom, why is that man barely standing?


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