Destiny – A Night To Remember

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Always Something There to Remind Me.”

It was the day I met her under the rain in this very city. I remember an old walkman was inside my pocket. There were blue jacket and dark blue trousers paired with pair of black shoes. Or was it green long-sleeved shirt? I remember pink bag and her long hair or was it? I do not think I was supposed to see her that way.

Remember the last pier? I thought I was leaning against the fence, standing while watching sunset. This song of destiny was aired on the radio. There was not any ship coming and loading docks had been empty spaces since afternoon. I thought of tea but did not get one. Was I waiting a ship to get me across the calm and beautiful strait under sunset? Or was I only standing while enjoying almost four minutes song on the radio?

Traffic jam was always the worst thing happened in busy roads, especially when rushing to home after busy day. However, being with her changed my view of this long and tiring road trip. I enjoyed her company to the last second. If I was blessed with a power to manipulate time, I would freeze the world just to be with her a bit longer. Her presence calmed the storm somehow. I did not think I would ever forget her smiles, laughter or even her voice.

It was destiny. I thought that I was her destiny, she was my destiny, and we were each other’s destiny. Or so I thought until we stood at different places againts each other.



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