A Run Worth Running

Once I had talked to a friend of mine about almost everything; running, aiming, shooting, even choosing a rifle. This person had a peculiar taste to a bolt-action rifle and some sidearms. I always said that using bolt actions would be a problem in frontlines but I always got smile as an answer.

This person ran around on behind enemy lines undetected and was always ready when chief called. About the chief, he hand-picked my friend from a rifle division. He said that he needed someone who protected people from behind, and answered orders with no question asked. He also said that he required someone expandable. I never really understood the meaning of being expandable other than having plenty replacement if current one died or went missing in action. Is that risk worth taking for?

Years later I left the army and continued my steps as civilian. I managed to begin a new life in another continent, a beauty one at that. Since laying on this warm and calming land, I had never heard of this soldier again. Maybe, this peculiar soldier had died or got released from duty. Or so I thought until I caught a glimpse of one of its different shadows.

Maybe, I had seen this soldier behind the last pier waiting for a ship to dock, or standing on top of several famous towers in town, or having late dinner in caffee nearby while doing something with that smart phone. Or maybe, I was only daydreaming regaling the good old times when we were drinking buddies singing in a circle around a campfire.

What’s in there, darling? Are you seeing something up there? She asked me later since I thought I was watching the famous tower for too long. I turned to her and shook my head while holding her hands. We walked home afterwards. Sometimes, I looked around for a while for the air and calming breeze of spring. I still wished to see this soldier again, that if this tough, smiley, uncanny bastard still lived.

Well, I think I’ll leave it for now and, maybe, forever. This cunning soldier will find me if necessary or maybe that long caliber rifle has been perfected now that it isn’t necessary to have someone standing in frontlines. I have got myself a big responsibility, a clever, amazing, and beauty one at that. Besides, that delicious schokoladen torte won’t eat itself, will it?

People have different course and they run differently. I had my run with that bastard long ago and now I’m running with someone different. I can’t really care to someone else’s matter now but only a little. Maybe that little sidearms and rifle are worth company after all.


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