A friend once came to my house. He looked happy and strong since I knew his business was dong well. I welcomed him with a cup of tea and asked him how he was doing. As expected that much, he said okay. Later his expression changed drastically after I closed the door.

His face was wearing off bearing countless scars. His hands, I observed, had become even more sturdy. I asked him to hang his coat on somewhere and then I saw such fine armor full of scratch. I barely recognized my handcrafts ages ago. I was surprised he still used it. I never thought he’d be still wearing that armor. I thought countless battles would make it shambled?

These are fine armor you gave me, old smith. No wonder you have that title along with the other smiths. He flattered me, I said. I understood long journey had to be his. From capital to a little village on the farthest border of the country. His horse might be tired and so might he. I told him to let his helm put somewhere else. I disliked people who wear armor while dining.

People prey on not only animal, chief. Human preys the other human, that’s for sure. I reckoned that was what knights did for a living. Killing other human beings in the name of their beloved king and country was what they did best. Even when dining, having breakfast, or cooking lunch, you can’t help yourself but being more careful. Chief, if people see you being weak, you might fall. Don’t you think hunting the weakened prey is the easiest? I still didn’t like it and told him not to wear armor. My disciple would clean and polish them. He agreed and we proceed to dinner.

The world has gone cold, old friend, where friends are hard to come by, betrayal is on our daily newspaper, blood is spilled everywhere. You expect me to bring nothing against the world? Right, I don’t have any right to judge people wearing armor for protection. After dinner, I gave him back his set of armor and a pair of swords. Schwertmeister, wie er sollt diese zu machen. And I set him off again.

I find it hard these days to uncover people’s true intentions. Most of them wear mask, and sometimes multiple masks. If you don’t want people discover your intention, why do you appear in public? Why do you not just retire to deep, hidden forest and live quietly? I guess that kind of living isn’t suitable for everyone. Don’t you think, old friend?

Warm regards,


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