In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Que Sera Sera.”

Do I believe in fate or controlling my destiny? I do believe in both.

Leaving my life to fate? That’s easy but what fate is there for someone who does nothing? So, do I choose my destiny? I did and what has it got for me so far? Nothing but several tips of learning to be patient, resilient, and humble. Where has it led me until now? Nowhere since I’ve living in the same city for the last seven years while doing my best just to barely survive. I’ve waved my hands so many times to those who have departed earlier both temporarily and eternally.

I’ve never known my fate so I choose my destiny of all available destinations out there. I work my way to do something and I believe if that is my fate, I’ll get what I’ve worked so far. If it isn’t then, I don’t know. Maybe, I’ll lose my way back or I may get something else in return or I’ll get nothing at all since I’ve given everything I have? I don’t really know.

In the end, there are possible destinies and destinations. Which destinations destined to me by fate is still unclear. I don’t about you. If you’ve found yours, I wish you all the best. Should you be in same kind of boat somewhere, I wish you good luck. Keep sailing, you never know where the wind may lead you.


Author: anwari

Bachelor in Informatics, Interested in Gaming, Language & Literature, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

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