These are two flowers in a park.


Benches if they are benches.


Skyforge – A Reminder of MMORPG

That is the title of MMORPG I’ve been playing since almost two months ago. It’s fun but somehow it reminds me about me playing good’ol World of Warcraft back in college and later forgetting to attend classes.


I can’t play at as highest as possible resolution and features. However, current settings have been suitable. The same went for World of Warcraft or I simply call it WoW. The last patch I played was Wrath of Lich King.

Lich King
Lich King

That time, I couldn’t careless abut raiding dungeons such as Icecrown Citadel just to hunt down the king himself. I also played as Death Knight, the most awesomest hero class ever! I focused on Blood talent and Frost as secondary and my knight was almost invincible. Just imagine if you attacked, you could get healing points. Simply. Cool.

While joining no guild, I was recruited whenever people wanted to start raiding. Fooling around mining ores, creating armors to sell, killing enemies to get valuable loot and, of course, if you want to get the best loot, you’ve got to raid. This hype let me focus saving Azeroth so many times while getting better and better loot for my death knight. Der Ritter ist ganz super!

I haven’t kept myself updated with the latest patches. Back then I played in private server since I couldn’t afford subscription fee for official servers. After the fall of Lich King, I finished the game and haven’t touched it again until now.

After resigning from duty from Azeroth, I entered the world of Aelion where I chose to become an immortal cryomancer or ice mage. What a wonderful mage, I said.

Ice Mage
Ice Mage

How cool is that when you freeze the whole land under your feet, freeze your enemies from afar and lancing them with icy lance? Or dogding their line of attack by sliding and leaving icy trail behind on which every opponent gets hurt? Totally cool or I might say, it is cold.

Skyforge allows player to have one character with many classes. I personally prefer Cryomancer to Paladin or Lightbinder. Later I can unlock other new classes, such as Kinetic or I like to call it Earth Mage since he/she manipulates the earth like cryomancer does with ice. If there is something like fire mage, I would definitely give it a try if I have another spare time to play.

Earth Mage
Earth Mage

So much to unlock but as much as I like this game, I realize I can’t let my time fly just with this game alone. I have other things to do, like writing this post, fooling around with guitars, or even learn several useful languages. Game once in a while is good for your health, academic, and career but it can also make you fall.

Being knight or mage is surely fun but if I can be both in real life, it’d be best. Wouldn’t you agree?

Have a great weekend, Dear Readers or Raiders!

An Early Bird

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daily Ritual.”

I’m used to wake up early since high school. I liked to play around the school yard after study hours. That meant I had fewer time at night to attend my homework. This left me with morning time before breakfast. I think this was the main reason.

In college, getting up early got harder because campus was restless even at night. I couldn’t afford to miss campus life, could I? So I went to bed so late that it was only two hours until 4am. This routine ruined my getting up early schedule I had and I became one of night owls.

After graduation, I had almost nothing to do at night but going out to get dinner so practically I could go bed early. My office hours was from 9am to 5pm and I could be home, or my boarding house, at 7pm or 8pm. That way, I could get up early again.

Now that I can get up early again, without having homework, what do I do? I watch the sun rise, I breathe the fresh, cool, and relaxing air in the morning. I open my laptop and start writing, or make a cup of coffee or tea along with bread and chocolate jam (is that a thing, chocolate jam?) and sit in second floor leaving the door open so the breeze can freshen my lungs.

I find less distraction in the morning so I often find myself getting several things done in three hours. Yes, I wake up at 4am and do things until 7am because I have my breakfast from 7am to 8am. I make most of my drafts and writing assignments in the morning while sipping my coffee or tea or even milk. I also planned my work in the morning.

Now that I have resigned, I have plenty of time until 10am or 11am. I think I might want to either read or write until 10am. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Gut Feeling

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Decisions, Decisions.”

Do I need to write about this one? Should I share what I have in mind? If I share, what will I get in return? Will my statistic increase? Are there readers who are willing to read my stories since I have been a silent reader myself? Will my post have positive impact for readers? How should I arrange my writing? I have been blogging for almost what, six years and how far have I improved since that time? Are my writings, my stories enjoyable? I have never succeeded in any writing competition, should I really write about this one? Has my English got better?

Am I even a writer?

Oh, what the hell. I’ll just write it down here and see what happens. If I write this tomorrow, I’ll probably be late.

There I go again making decision after too much asking. Happy Monday!