An Early Bird

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daily Ritual.”

I’m used to wake up early since high school. I liked to play around the school yard after study hours. That meant I had fewer time at night to attend my homework. This left me with morning time before breakfast. I think this was the main reason.

In college, getting up early got harder because campus was restless even at night. I couldn’t afford to miss campus life, could I? So I went to bed so late that it was only two hours until 4am. This routine ruined my getting up early schedule I had and I became one of night owls.

After graduation, I had almost nothing to do at night but going out to get dinner so practically I could go bed early. My office hours was from 9am to 5pm and I could be home, or my boarding house, at 7pm or 8pm. That way, I could get up early again.

Now that I can get up early again, without having homework, what do I do? I watch the sun rise, I breathe the fresh, cool, and relaxing air in the morning. I open my laptop and start writing, or make a cup of coffee or tea along with bread and chocolate jam (is that a thing, chocolate jam?) and sit in second floor leaving the door open so the breeze can freshen my lungs.

I find less distraction in the morning so I often find myself getting several things done in three hours. Yes, I wake up at 4am and do things until 7am because I have my breakfast from 7am to 8am. I make most of my drafts and writing assignments in the morning while sipping my coffee or tea or even milk. I also planned my work in the morning.

Now that I have resigned, I have plenty of time until 10am or 11am. I think I might want to either read or write until 10am. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?


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