If I Leave? I Did

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

Always happen when one has some choices to make, this does. Pros and cons were considered from every possible angle. One’s view might not be the same as one’s parents, friends, colleagues, and society. One aspect might fit to one’s needs but not to the others. At the end of the day, you might want to let down your ego for better surroundings, or force your ego to win while sacrificing the others, or if you’re lucky, win-win solution could be yours.

To make such choice, to leave a place where comfort and security exist, would make a fool decision. At least, that was what people said to me several months ago when I told them I’d like to leave my job after six months. Such decision had been around my head since entering the office for the first time.

It took me six months to contemplate whether to take the risk of being unemployment, lost in mist of uncertainty, and penniless. My savings wasn’t that much and I had still to live on my own. To only eat twice a day, to do my laundry even more often, and to read more books and papers, they were those risks ever running in my head.

Honestly, I haven’t found the right answer myself and there were those people still bugging me why. I guess it was of one those things you would do, should you consider yourself in unfitting circumstances. You don’t know what to do and you have been wasting your days with right brain daydreaming and left brain trying to contain those dreams so you can still function properly.

Those who wander are not always lost, I believe. I’m still in this road walking from sunrise to sunset. and keeping my head straight for a clue to make what I really wish. For those who are wandering, I wish you good luck. Should we meet in this road sometimes, hopefully you don’t mind having a cup of coffee or two with me.

Good day.


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