Lie Is What People Need

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth Serum.”

As someone who lives in between, I don’t think I can make someone drink this serum and tak to me casually. Watching shades of grey, which sometimes consists of more than fifty, means that before a color is decided, I have to assume everything is undetermined.

People like being lied to. They just don’t like finding out they’ve been lied to.

That was what Barney said and for some reason I also think that was true. Still is, actually. Facing truth is hard and not for everyone. It is true that bitter truth is better than sweet lies but for my end, there isn’t any sweet truth; truth is always bitter and needs seasonings to make it taste better; seasonings we call lies. Exampli gratia, saying “I love you” while trying to cool your blood so you don’t look like lying.

If I were to make someone drink this serum, that would make me remove every seasoning I had in my plate, or found that I had eaten some seasonings I might not be comfortable with. I imagine that there is a good beef tenderloin steak, well-done and seasoned properly, together with salad and sauce and out of nowhere, someone washes steak, remove any salad and sauces, and leave me with plain well done tenderloin meat. That is still good but the taste, I believe, should degrade.

Such taste will surely be ruined if someone happens to say that the sauce is expired, salad isn’t fresh, or the meat itself has been out from refrigerator for a week before getting on my plate. That’s what I meant and, I believe, Barney meant with people just don’t like finding out they’ve been lied to. Such truth will only ruin the taste and hopefully-good after taste. If the sauce is expired, how could I expect to have delicious after taste while in the end my stomach is going to hurt?

Well, a few prefer to taste the plain well done beef tenderloin steak without sauce or salad. That way, one might savor the flavor or meat itself, the original delicacy without being spoiled by spiciness of sauces, saltness of salt, or sweetness of honey and sugar. Sometimes, if the place is complete, the tasting will start for each of dishes. From a piece of meat, a teaspoon of each sauce, a bite or two of salad, and a small gulp of water. That way, every taste is enjoyed without compromising each other; spiciness won’t overpower sweetness, saltness won’t disrupt the sweetness, etc.

Truth is a taste of every dish there is separately. Should one later fancy to mix the taste, go ahead. Since every taste has been checked, mixing won’t disturb the original. Lie is a taste of mixing every dish there is. Such way of eating will let you not know the real taste of food you’re eating. The uniqueness of meat, hotness of chilis, citrus and lemon acidity, and freshness from each salad won’t be recognizable.

As I stated before, I probably can’t make someone drink the serum willingly. So, that leaves me no choice but to choke them with this and get done with the questions. Describe the taste of this steak and don’t you dare to spare me details.




A random cat came to the house before sunrise and I decided to take a picture. It seemed upset.

Good morning.

Strolling Around


If strolling means going out for adventure and adventure means going somewhere new, then this wouldn’t be strolling. This was just another walk I took when returning from something. The weather was dry and the sun was too bright. Under these bamboo branches, I felt a lot cooler.