2015 in a Flash

2015 was really a puzzle.

Being lost, hopeless, useless, meaningless, all at once. Being left at the airport by dreams and colleagues and those whom I would gladly be serious but, in fact, I couldn’t.

The year when I had to be honest about who I was and what I really wanted to be, which led me to understanding that I wasn’t that much.

When I learned languages just to no avail and wrote to no one. Book became covered with dust while I was sipping tea in afternoon.

A year when I decided to stop for a while and look what I had done so far, just to realize I haven’t got anything, really.

When I went back home and saw how old I had become and my parents even older, realized that time had passed so differently to different people.

Now that year is changing, I, among other things and people, will get even older but to be wiser or not is my own choice. Those failures are up to me, either they become experience to advance or excuse to retreat.

It has been long, tiring, and difficult journey. Not stopping for a while, I don’t think that would make things even better. So, I stop and take a deep breath as some kids are starting to light some fireworks to brighten up the sky and fill my ears with numbing, deafening sounds.

I wouldn’t say that I celebrate New Year, but this moment is just a right moment to contemplate as any other moments. To wake up next year after slumber feeling energized and positive, that is all I wish to happen.

Good night, people.