Dance, Anyone?

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

Yoda does have a unique way of saying things. It is either all out or nothing at all. I think this applies to everything. You can’t expect everything goes smooth while you’re not giving your best. But again, this doesn’t apply to anyone, does it? There is always someone who does everything not seriously and gets better result than those who do seriously.

Once a person told me to stop being in grey area and be clear just about everything. It is being one or zero. It is either all out or not at all. Giving all your might is surely taxing and risky. What if it fails, for example. For me, it was dancing. I had tried to dance while doing anything else with anything else in mind. It failed. I didn’t heed Yoda’s words.

Later I realized I didn’t have what it takes to dance and still don’t. I decided to retire. I still love dancing so I still attend some performances I can afford. Be it traditional or modern. Classical or contemporary.

So, everytime a chance visits me, I’ll definitely welcome its arrival, maybe with a cup of tea or coffee, or two. After that, I’ll set out for myself accordingly. Dream high but feet on the ground, yes? It is either take it or leave it.

This writing is to answer a challenge. It’s obviously late but I hope this suits the topic. Good day.



Track Field

Empty track and you said you can’t give eight laps? Come on, you must be joking!

In response to Optimistic.

Honorable Mention

Few days ago, I got a message from old acquaintance that someone had prepared one’s own plan to climb even higher, and asked if people would give a reference, or a supporting statement for one’s proposal. I stared upon the message and asked if this was true. Sadly, yes.

In terms of giving reference, I have no idea. But, in terms of asking for reference, I think I might say a thing or two. In past three years, I had been asking for reference from thesis supervisor, academic advisor, managers, team leaders, even a friend for work and grad school application. I remember how the asking happened, the questions both asked to me and I asked to whom I asked; questions which forced me to look deep down to myself and ask if I were in right place to ask for reference and worthy of their good words.

I read the message again and again, and tried to let myself calm down and accept the inevitable fate that even before paying respect for those one had left, one might go. Then, that I was in a place either to give or not to give a statement, I considered everything that had happened. Impression, behavior, character, knowledge, and experience were all spinning inside my head.

In the end, I did neither say nor write nor send any statement. I left everything as they had been before. Though, I admit that I had been curious. I wanted to know the motive behind the proposal, what was on the writing, and how people were pitched and convinced of the proposal. Questions about this had been sent and I wished to the answers. After all these years of living on both bad prejudice and impression, I might change my mind.



I took this one while on morning jogging session alone. This logo belongs to one of most prestigious higher education institutions in Indonesia. In case you want to know more about this, please visit the website here. I am not advertising anything about the institution. I wrote in order to answer this challenge.


Amphitheater Amphitheater
(especially in Greek and Roman architecture) a round or oval building, typically unroofed, with a central space for the presentation of dramatic or sporting events. Tiers of seats for spectators surround the central space.

Time To Talk

Do you really need time to talk?

I don’t think I would always need time to talk with old buddies. More than nth-times I have found that what I need is a time to enjoy each other’s company. No talking, no gossiping, no joking. Just sit, look at the green, vast, and distance scenery, and do nothing else.

In time like this, when everything runs fast and even faster, when work becomes overwhelming and you literally live a life in commuting, to sit calmly is one thing you need, among other things.

As people mature, they don’t talk things too much. They run it in their head, say few words, and an understanding between bros is achieved. I don’t know about you but it happens to me.

To those who have been my company until today while respecting without asking too much, I sincerely thank you.