Look Behind You

Look behind you, what would you see?

In my case, almost nothing. One by one, chance by chance, they fade away. Just years ago when I looked behind me, I could see people smiling and waving, some of them were shouting at me, or yelling at me not to give up. Time does change things. All I hear now is silence.

In this world of ice, I stand once again in between. Right and wrong, black and white, rich and poor, and ultimately, either it is living or dying. Once I heard the term that one should live up to his dream, relentlessly struggle to carry out so many things. So far I have looked and there is nothing I can see.

As an elder once said, plan and execute, or build multiple plans and execute them accordingly. Should one fail, turn to another so you can create progress continuously as you may gain along your journey. I did and I gained a thing or two.

This year has begun to harden as one might have to go alone, again.


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