Future Leader

Future Leader

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Sunbathing Lizard

Wild Lizard

This little creature wasn’t panic when I took a close look to get better picture.

Taken on May 14th 2016.

When The Sanity Left

After a month of silence, those who came after are now running before. One has been outraced as one would have claimed but didn’t. Some said after 20 years of living this waking world, there is never any sort of race to begin with. Different path means different pace, which is normal. The question as to why has been posing so smugly.

Sudden change ought to mean something but sometimes people hide it very well. They dig deep and bury those silently or if they can’t, they take necessary countermeasure silently, again without letting people noticing, thus render them not helping.

Then come the unavoidable reality of who. One might accept and move on, or deny and also move on. Different path, they might take, and either painful journey or effortless struggle, they might encounter. After long, brain would take toll to body, mind becomes taxing, and steps are begun to get heavier.

A sound whispers from afar and yet it rings clearly as to tempt the soul of a human. Is it jealousy or envy? The two has been confusing people for ages. Is it private desire or communal needs? One masks another. Who is it to blame? Long after paying attention to these, mind begins to deteriorate, imagining different life with a lot of if’s on different universe.

In the hospital, one seeks refugee from endless tormenting sounds. The doctor gives them pills, some contain diazepam. The other comes to asylum looking for silence and hopes that serenity would ease the sounds.

The barrier between reality and dream become even more blurred and later they are found indistinguishable. Braces and chains become cloths of habit together with 20cc of Valium injection. The last thing to see is the gate closing and there is a person giving announcement via intercom.

Visiting hour is over. Families of patient are hereby required to leave the premises.