Struggle to Stand

I mean to stand, literally. It has been four years since I graduated from college and have been trying to live with my own hands. It doesn’t get any easier with every day passes. I watch how property, good’s price, services, and rent goes up. I know that life is hard but I have never imaged that it could be this hard.

There are other stories too, from friends who have got married. Their life couldn’t be any harder, I presume. Their salary has to be sufficient to feed the whole family while I only have my mouth to feed. Not to mention traveling expenses for the wife and the children.

There are those who said that back in their time, when they graduated from college, they could afford their own places, started to live without their parents’ support. They said that today’s kids are spoiled and don’t know how to work. They only know how to party, to follow passion while not applying to work. At some point, I agree but on the other, could I?

I don’t know how much local currency for a single coin of foreign currency back then. But I am pretty sure that it wasn’t as expensive as today’s foreign exchange rates, which means the old days had better money than what our generation has today. This way I couldn’t imagine if someone, who grew up in suburbs, in a middle class family, live alone straight after college and paying one’s own bills.

I don’t blame anyone on this topic. Everyone has their own opinion. Those who come from middle class surely have different experience from those who were born in upper-class society, and those who are from low-class community. We have our own share of struggle and I’m not claiming that upper-class men have better stories while low-class men have bitter ones. To those who still struggle to feed your own or your family, I salute.

*This article is written to answer struggle challenge.


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