Among the Dead

I can barely face the truth that a friend has now gone. Together with another friend of mine, we visited his house hoping to surprise him of our schoolmate wedding nearby. Instead of giving surprise, we got one from his elder brother.

Two days later, an old friend and I set off to see his tombstone. His elder brother told us about the cemetery nearby. We found the location next to our old school. We were used to study there. Well, playing was more like it.

After two hours of searching, we found him. Such an uneasy feeling started to gather around my stomach when looked his name written on the stone. Couldn’t believe he’s gone. My friend began to clean up the grave by pulling some grass and fallen leaves. I only stood watching the stone from the front until my friend reminded to sit.

While sitting, old friend and I talked about how he died, his last status updates, his sickness, and his youth. We are not necessarily old but we remember our foolishness back in elementary school. I could not afford to take a picture of his tombstone. So, instead, I took the sky above our passed away friend.

He died at the hospital after holding on for so long with his blood problem. You still remember that he usually went to hospital just to have his blood checked, yes? Back then I just thought that he had severe anemia-kind-of-thing problem. We’re just kids. And he hadn’t got his 23rd birthday. I forgot when the last time I checked on him was. From his feed, I gathered that his life was improved. He wasn’t that weak, sleepy guy anymore. He’s active and friendly. Even attended some sort of Japanese festival. Well, at least he doesn’t need to check himself to the hospital now. He is at peace, I like to assume that way. Hopefully.

We left him around noon and bought some cool drinks around the school before heading home. Questions and regrets were crowded inside my head. I thought my friend felt the same too.

Bye old friend. We’ll be joining you soon.

And we went home.


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