Rain Op – 6

What was on his mind? No one knew. The only thing happened back then was that he had been running for hours. No one knew how he got that stamina. Autumn was almost over and his breath was practically a fog. Inside his right pocket was a picture with which he ran through the city looking for anything in that picture.

Inside his bag were several pair of clothes, a notebook, a laptop set, stationary set, spare glasses with cleaning kit, phone adapter, and a print out of plane ticket. He didn’t intend to go home afterwards. The ticket was for northern side of the continent. His plane would leave in just ten hours. He had to finish whatever he was doing before then if he wanted to catch the plane.

Two years, who in the right mind would do that such thing? The coffee master said while cleaning a glass. A moment had been done, a vow had been spoken, a promise had been made. Nothing would change that. The coffee master thought that he had learned his lesson. But he hadn’t.

What really happened in Reykjavík? Do you really think that everything happened in Reykjavík was real? Are you really sure? He asked the boy who ran before the boy set off in the morning. The boy was sure of what he was about to do. His eyes displayed emptiness and yet a strong motivation to set things right. Whatever that was.

The senses which were accustomed to dimmed room could notice things people would normally ignore. Dry and fragile red rose, worn out insignia, tired eyes, weak voice, noisy head, eyes that had held tears for years, he knew all too well the boy’s emotions and anger. For he was once too a human.

Bienvenue, monsieur. Another customer came and ordered. Un café allongé, s’il vous plait. The customer ordered while wondering his words. The customer wore plain suit and he didn’t seem to bring a suitcase. He was just back from office hours, it seemed. His eyes looked tired and his hair was all messed up. The suit looked nice, thought, didn’t seem broken or wrinkling. After a while, the coffee served. Long black as he had ordered, without sugarThe room wasn’t crowded, in fact, the room was never crowded. Not all people come since not all people might see the sign outside. The coffee master seemed to be all picky about his customer.

After several customers, sun had gone and the moon started to appear. She was so hideous, hiding behind thick clouds while her shining ray of light reflected on water surface. The rain began to pour the city. One said that the city was even more beautiful under the rain. They couldn’t agree more.

The coffee master wondered what happened to the boy who appeared before dawn that day. He set off just after the sunrise. After paying for his coffee, he paid his greetings to the coffee master and went off to the tower. Although it was visible from the room, the distance was quite far.


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